Getting the Facts About Circuit Breakers

If you own a home, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with your electrical panel and the circuit breakers that are inside of it. Your circuit breakers are connected to the electrical wiring that goes to each room in your home, and they are designed to prevent you from overloading your electrical panel. They play a very important role in your home’s electrical system, and a licensed electrician in Gilbert will be able to help you if you ever encounter any problems with them. Check out some important facts about your circuit breakers below.

Your Circuit Breakers Are Stored and Labeled Inside Your Electrical Panel

Inspecting Circuit BreakerDo you know where your electrical panel is located in your home? In most instances, it can be found either in the basement or a utility closet. It is responsible for bringing power into your home and distributing it to the various parts of your house. The circuit breakers inside of an electrical panel should be clearly labeled so that you know which one is connected to the electrical wiring in what part of your home. You should make sure your electrical panel is accessible at all times just in case you ever need to get to it.

Your Circuit Breakers Will Trip at the First Sign of Trouble

If you attempt to run too many appliances inside of your home at once, your circuit breakers might not be able to handle it. Specifically, items like hair dryers and vacuum cleaners can put a big drain on your home’s electric. When this happens, your circuit breakers will trip and shut off power in whatever part of your home is using up too much electricity. This will prevent serious problems with your home electrical wiring.

Your Circuit Breakers Do Not Need to Be Replaced When They Trip

Once upon a time, electrical panels had fuses in them instead of circuit breakers. They needed to be replaced whenever they were tripped. These days, you can simply flip your circuit breaker back on when it trips in a matter of just a few seconds.

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